Persons and Personages


The Royalty:

  • King Noren ti’Kalloban: The ruler of Iscobal. Two decades ago he usurped rule from Queen Sarromere, who by all accounts was driving the kingdom to ruin with her obsession over the numenera.
  • Win d’Lanver: The king’s master artificer — essentially his own personal Aeon Priest, and a master of the numenera.
  • Navrilus: The king’s Chief Magister, making him d’Lanver’s senior.

Pauper’s Point:

  • Jev: A wily man in his early 20s who grew up on the streets with Jynx and her sister. An irrepressible spirit and a mind always looking for the next score.
  • Felmin: A stocky, weathered man in his 40s who runs a shop in the Point where he sells a variety of parts for smiths, tinkerers, and aspiring students of the numenera. He lives on premises with his family, and his young ones are usually running around the shop and, occasionally, tending to it.

Festival of the Numenera:

  • Boona the Baffler: The first presenter, a women in her 30s clad in loose, flowing garb and a numenera diadem clasped to her head. She floated in the air above the crowd.
  • Vestna of Vestna’s Trading Outpost: An older woman dressed in well-to-do clothing. She presented an artifact that created a living simulacrum of a man picked from the crowd. Appears to have little interest in anything other than buying and selling her goods.
  • Oglun: A grandfatherly man who claimed to know of the past, present, and future of many in the crowd. When met with later, he held private sessions with Vinaya and Book.
  • The Company Syrine: You don’t know much about this group of women, as the illusionary attack interrupted the start of their performance.

The Sallow Tail: A tavern and inn buried deep in Pauper’s Point. Rumored to be a base of operations for the Mirror Guild, a known organization of thieves.

  • Andar Harbin: Master of the arena, and possibly of the tavern itself. He presided over the festivities when Vinaya won her match.
  • Vark: The confident, friendly man who served as fence in the Sallow Tail.
  • Xanendra, Master of the Flail: The former reigning champion of the battle arena. Many a bet was lost that night when Vinaya shot an arrow through her mouth and won the match. Presumed dead.

The Order of Truth: Their headquarters in Mulen is located in Westview, taking up the entirety of one of the city’s fabled towers of glass.

  • Endra Ven: She greeted you in her second-floor office when you visited the Order. She expressed her wish that relations between the Order and the king’s own Royal Artificers be warmer. She also conjectured that the attack at the start of the festival might have come from someone who wanted to spoil the festival for the king.
  • Roanar ti’Kalloban: Endra Ven also mentioned that the archbishop of the local Order was a brother to the king by marriage. His body was found dead in the tower of the Order and delivered to the Syzygy.
  • Garron: Vinaya left her orb for further study with this young engineer of the Order.

The Estate of Dracogen:

  • Dracogen: A mysterious noble the party met at the Sallow Tail’s arena. He invited Jynx to sit with him, and intervened when the blame for a murder in the crowd appeared to point toward Book. He is a self-proclaimed student and collector of the numenera, and he funds parties of explorers that further his goals. He lives on a large estate in a building shaped like a nautilus shell and built from a strange synth material.
  • Uveen: Dracogen’s head of estate.
  • Olegander: A sailor who appears to perform work for Dracogen. He pilots a vessel, the Saltmarsh, pulled by a pair of cutter whales.
  • Milian and Iski: Father and son who had escaped to Rachar with Dracogen’s artifact, the revitalizer.
  • Duignon and Artel: Manager of Dracogen’s warehouse and hunchbacked assistant, respectively.
    Dahga, Ming, Jenisse: Couriers for Dracogen. They ride [reptilian coursers].

Others of Note:

  • Dornaver: A rather buffoonish member of the Angulan Knights, met while soaring on his xi-drake above the Cape of Clouds while the party returned from an expedition to numenera platform floating in the clouds north of Mulen.

Persons and Personages

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