Groups and Factions

The Order of Truth:

Almost certainly the strongest and most dominant organization in the Steadfast—and possibly the Beyond—the Order of Truth was established by the original Amber Pope, High Father Calaval, about 400 years ago. Its members are called Aeon Priests, and they are the most trusted experts in handling, identifying, and using the numenera and other lore. In most communities, Aeon Priests are the local “wise folk,” looked upon with respect as leaders and advisers in the important facets of life.

Although the Order of Truth seems like a religion, technically it’s not one. The papacy has a
structure like a priesthood and calls its members priests, but it’s not a religion—it’s a veneration of intellect, understanding, and the wonders that arise from such things: science, technology, and the numenera.

Still, many people treat the order like a religion regardless. These people are not members, but rather “adherents.” In their eyes, the order is focused on worshipping the past and the ancients who created the fantastic devices and strange discoveries that fill the Ninth World. Over the last century or so, the order has done little to discourage this idea.

The Angulan Knights:

Throughout the Steadfast, justice is sometimes meted at the end of a blade unaligned with any king or prince. The Angulan Knights are an order dedicated to the advancement of humanity as a race. They not only ignore local governments, class distinctions, and religious differences, they abhor those things. Angulan Knights feel empowered to right wrongs, pass judgments, and see justice done, and few stand in their way.

The Mirror Guild: A network of thieves operating out of Mulen, the capital of Iscobal.

The Cold Grasp: An assassin’s guild rumored to be based in Mulen as well.

The Sarracenians: This widespread group of scholars studies and worships plants, in particular unusual and carnivorous plants and plantlike predators. Typically distinguished by their dark green fibrous clothing, which is often accented with brightly colored adornments, Sarracenians are a varied and loose-knit group. Some stay put in their hometowns, tending to lavish greenhouses, gardens, and zoos, while others travel the world in search of unique finds. Some Sarracenians are scientists who split genes and crossbreed creatures in secret laboratories, while others sing to the petals of their favorite flowers and call them friends.

Groups and Factions

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